Angela Raciti Interior Design is a full service firm specializing in residential new construction, additions, and historic renovations.

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New Build Specifications:
Collaborating with architects, builders and clients, Angela has experience in the selection, coordination, and execution of a cohesive design aesthetic though plumbing fixtures, hardware, paint colors, lighting, materials, finishes, and millwork.


Start to finish interior design:

Learning and Research-
Through conversation and observation, I startgetting to know my clients. They share the choreography of their day to day life, and what their design needs are, whether it is in their present home or future. Understanding a client’s goals from the beginning helps me to develop a unique road map for their project.  

Schematic Design-
The initial step with deliverables, schematic design is the process leading up to and including the first design meeting. Using whatever tools work best to convey my design ideas to a client while educating them on the possibilities, I introduce initial layout options, millwork sketches, inspirational imagery and more to convey the general design direction.

Design Development-
Taking the feedback from schematic design, the physical direction of the project begins to take shape. In this stage I am able to focus on a client’s preferences to put together a concise selection of design elements such as lighting, hardware, fixtures, furnishings, and color schemes that are hand picked to enhance the goals of the project and promote their taste while staying on budget. Combing trade resources, visiting antique markets and auctions, browsing galleries, or hunting through salvage yards are the tip of the iceberg. At the design development meeting, items are finalized and selections are made, and will be passed along to contractors whenever necessary.

Project Management-
Once design components are determined, the process of estimating and purchasing begins. It is my job to ensure that items are accurately quoted, procured, tracked, and recorded to keep the project on schedule. This includes coordination of and supervision over the execution of the interior design by frequently visiting the site, and working with contractors, vendors, and members of the trade to keep all of the parts moving easily. In short, your project, no matter what the size or scope, will be overseen through to completion.


Computer Aided Design and 3D Rendering-
Using the latest in computer software, detailed drawings can be produced to show interior walls, placement of light fixtures, elevations for custom designed millwork, or furniture layouts for a space.