Summer Inspiration.


Nature has always been my most influential design inspiration. Whether it is the beach, the landscape, or food, I never cease to be impressed by this beautiful world. Since I owe you, oh, 5 months of catch up, I figured it would be fun to take you through some things I've come across lately that have caught my eye.


Have you heard of South Shore Organics? I would highly HIGHLY recommend taking the plunge. It took me a few months to get myself signed up, but after binge watching documentaries this winter about GMO foods and the horrendous effects falling victim to our food industry has on our bodies, it has been well worth it thus far.  This is our first meal using a bibb lettuce from our weekly basket. You can almost feel the vitamins being absorbed into your body!

blue and white china

(I know this is not nature but I justified that it still counts since it is inspiration! )You all know how much I adore blue and white china, and I couldn't help myself when I saw this antique Chinoiserie set at a local estate sale. It is certainly well loved, but with an 1823 date stamp on the back of each piece, I feel like we are contributing to tradition with every meal we eat.


Did you know that Duxbury is famous for its oysters? Island Creeks, Merrys, and Blue Yonders to name a few, are some of the tastiest oysters money can buy. They are served at high end resturants across the country, but are grown right here in our back yard. G. got his shellfish license this season, so we can go out to flats at low tide and dig for clams, quahogs, and a few times a year- oysters! I snapped this picture of him on an overcast day earlier in the season- so ethereal- I had a moment.