The presentation.

Hi Friends!  So sorry to have been MIA for so long!  It's been a crazy couple of weeks: lots of sleepless nights waking up every few hours to check on renderings and Sketchup video exports, preparing for the big presentation, and G. and I took our Mexican vaca!  

Lots to be thankful for right now, and I couldn't be more excited to start the next chapter. I have some exciting news that I'm looking forward to sharing with you very soon too.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some photos and a video from my final thesis presentation, 1 year in the making:

Boards on the wall and ready to go.

Floor and ceiling plans for 3 levels, section, & elevations.

The front row of critics and VIP guests:)

Walking through the perspective renderings and materials board.

My adviser, Marc C from Elkus Manfredi, and I. Thanks Marc!

images via Patty Zerhusen