What does...

... Thesis Design Studio, 2 other design grad classes, weekly meetings with you thesis adviser, and a part time job leave you with?  Apparently no time to blog, and a whole lot of anxiety. Just a few more months to go:) I think I can. I think I can!

If you aren't all that familiar with the interior design process, this is a quick breakdown of the different phases:

1. Programming- The first step of the process where designers gather and collect information relevant to their project.

2. Schematic Design- Process drawings built around the main ideas of the design lead to preliminary floor plan drawings. Schematics address the main idea of the overall design concept.

3.  Design Development- This is where all design drawings, materiality, and layouts are finalized before being put into construction documentation.

4. Construction Documentation- All drawings are prepared into a buildable document set. Thank you Revit!

5. Design Administration- The construction document set is sent out to bid.

6. Project Management- The construction phase is overseen and completed.