Boston bathroom: in the works II.

Well, we're moving forward.  Slowly but surely, we're moving forward.  We've spent a lot of time scratching our heads and weighing our options but I think we finally have a direction thanks to my best friend and her husband.

They purchased a cape a few years ago and completely renovated the entire house, transforming it into a beautiful and cozy home.  I will try to nab some before and after photos to show you how talented they both are!

Back to the bathroom.  First, we are going to install white 4 foot beadboard wainscoting around the space with a white wood chair rail.  Because the tile shower is such a dark royal blue, I wanted to use softer shades of the same hue to play up one of my favorite design principles: contrast.  Much softer color would be better so the small room doesn't look like a blueberry.   The upper portion of the walls will be painted a light blue, and the trim will be a fresh white.  We'll keep the silver leaf ceiling the way it is, and the penny floor tile will also be a keeper.  The accordion closet door is already down, thank goodness!  It will be replaced with a blue and white seersucker curtain.   A new mirror will be a must, and some hooks for towels would also be great.  The towel bar is in fine shape, so some hooks and a toilet paper holder will have to coordinate well with the geometrics and polished chrome finish.  I love glass doorknobs, so maybe I'll throw in one of those too:)

I would love to paint the inside of the closet dark blue to balance out the shower tile someday.

Benjamin Moore's White Satin for the top half of the walls, and the floor tile will stay.

these mirrors won't:

they'll be replaced with one like this hung horizontally:

a gorgeous glass doorknob:

A hook like this in polished chrome on the door and next to the shower would work well:

Voila!  I hope it's as easy as writing this post!

Here are some more images to inspire your blue and white bathroom:

I know this isn't a bathroom but I just couldn't help myself from posting this gorgeous and fresh blue and white room!