Adam-esque mounted medallions and our installed chandelier.

Ceiling medallions are a great way to bring your eye up in a space.  I love the way they give your eye a place to rest, anchor light fixtures, and infuse a room with character and charm.  

Decorative plasterwork in interiors was first seen in early neoclassical England by Robert Adam.  I just saw The King's Speech last week, and noticed "Adam-esque" plasterwork in future King George VI's stairwell.  It was during this time that more attention was paid to ceilings with lighter classical proportions and pastel colors used in delicate plaster.  Graceful sweeping swags and geometrics are other elements that define this style. 

While it would be insanely expensive to have a master plasterworker come into your home to give you an Adam ceiling, fixture medallions couldn't be easier to find, install, and afford.

I've also seen them used as wall art.  They look like delicate snowflakes.  Definitely something I will be trying!

I am happy with the way our medallion looks with our new chandelier.  It's been up for a week and we love it! Hurray for ambient light!