Books to love.

Apartment Therapy came out with their list of the best decor & design books of 2010. Click here to view Apartment Therapy's full list.

1 book from the list that I'm dying to own is this one: 

I love looking at the way fashion designer's really live.  It's always been exciting to me to see where they're inspired and all the elements that make up what they call home.

This is a glimpse inside of Assouline's book and inside the home of Johnson Hartig, of Libertine.  The bones of the room are various textures of white, and warmth is created with the exposed ceiling and luxe textiles on the seating.  I love how a French settee and bold spin art work magnificently in the same space.

Being all too familiar with what it's like living in a small apartment, I'm always looking for creative ways to give everything more than one use.  Space is a premium, and has to be used wisely.  The people who live in this amazing apartment have managed to find a way to display their gigantic media collection without it looking too overwhelming.  This space is so neat!

I'll definitely post more inspirational pictures once I get my hands on these!