Mixing old world and new age.

First put on the map back in September of 1994 as Playboy Playmate of the month, Kelly Wearstler has become one of the most important and influential interior designers of our time.   When I read that she and her husband just put their Beverly Hills mansion on the market, I couldn’t wait to see the pics.  Her style is the pinnacle of glam; with dramatic contrasts between white hot colors and prints, and her fusion of untamed architectural details, accessories, and seductive furniture.

Kelly’s work has become the manifestation of all things glamorous, and this home is no exception.  The jaw dropping list price of $46 million is more arresting than her design work!

The main entry is reminiscent of classical architecture with the Doric columns, but usingupdated details such as the seashell carving above the door.

This is a view towards the guest house from the swimming pool.  Inside are 3 guest bedrooms just in case the 7 other bedrooms (well, I guess 5 because 2 are for staff) aren’t enough.  Doesn’t this pic just make you want to be in the water, lounging on a float sipping a pina colada?

The entry foyer is an octagonal shape with an occulous-like ceiling opening that streams in natural light.  MacKintosh chairs (thank you Marge Dion!) are placed between grand doorways around a glass topped table.  The pedestal legs are gilded feet and hands.  The foyer floor is a beautiful pattern, and I love how if you turn left, you are on white wood, right, you are on black, and straight ahead, checkerboard.  It is an idea that I will be sure to implement.  I like!

In the master suite, Kelly creates a spicy ambiance with the chandelier and the way the light plays on the ceiling.  Two symmetrical pedimented entryways lead to a sitting room and master bath.  I love how the huge mirror between the doorways makes the room seem to go on and on. 

More classical details contrasted with contemporary designs.  Another example of the pedimented doorways.  How neat is the checkerboard discus player?! The table seats 14, but I’m not sure where the food goes. The table is covered with treasures.   I can imagine opening up the floor to ceiling doors to the peristyle courtyard on a warm night.

Everyone’s favorite room of the house!  Super high gloss black cabinets, brass hardware, stainless steel appliances, and carerra marble countertops topped with a coffered ceiling.  I think I can count 6 ovens… seriously.  The palladian window at the far end of the kitchen and marble countertops keep with the concept of the mansion: bringing an old world feel tomodern design. Delicious!  Can’t wait to see what she does to their next home!

Images by Everett Fenton Gidley