A loooong overdue reconnect.

Hi Friends! So sorry for the long overdue post- too much happening over here.

There are lots of big changes taking place- the biggest of which, business related, is a new office right up the street. You will have to come check it out- it is the perfect little spot to call our own, and it has been wonderful to have a space outside of the house, even though some days I am still not used to getting out of my jammies. Between client presentations, vendor meetings, plenty of pin up space, a sample closet, and a tall bookshelf for all of my design books, it is getting plenty of use. What's more, I have not one, but two small signs that read "Angela Raciti Interior Design". It is very exciting.

With all the projects in the works, I do need to make some time to take and compile photographs from past projects over the last year so you can check them out and get inspired. At the time, I am enjoying several kitchen and bath renovations and a few new construction projects around town, which have been keeping me busy, but no complaints. I always love being on the jobsite and having a hand in the inner workings of a completed design.

Another new development is that come July, G. and I will have a sweet little baby on our hands. Of course we are thrilled, and of course I have the perfect baby room in mind. I promise this will not become a mommy blog, but since it is design related, here is a quick compilation of some ideas that I've had on my mind.